English As A Second Language Program


Do you want to improve your English skills? Do you enjoy exploring nature, meeting people, and trying new activities?

The Rocky Mountain English College offers an English as a Second Language program that combines classroom instruction with outdoor and cultural learning. This method provides real life situations for students to practice their English and learn about Canadian culture. RMEC is a small school in a small town, so student get to know their teachers, the other students, and community members.


In the classroom portion of our program, we offer 4.5 hours of English instruction each day from 9am to 3:00pm in classes with an average of 8 students. Our teachers utilize Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methods to increase student interaction and participation. The goal of the CLT method is to develop students’ fluency and accuracy in authentic language exchanges.

All interaction is in English, using activities and exercises that have relevance in real life situations. A combination of group discussion, role-plays, interviews, negotiations, games, pair work, and presentations ensure an interactive learning environment. Grammar and syntax are taught in conjunction with other language topics.

Subject areas include:

  • speaking and pronunciation
  • listening and comprehension

  • reading and writing
  • grammar and vocabulary

We include interesting topic material to keep the lessons relevant and engaging. This includes learning about Canadian geography, culture and traditions as well as about the cultures of other students. The lessons are designed for beginner to intermediate English speakers. We create our lessons to help students prepare for a variety of English tests (IELTS, TOEFL, CELPIP).

* Our program is designed for intermediate level students (CLB 3 to CLB 6). To find out which level you are at, go to “Your level of English” on the registration form page




There are activities in the afternoons on Wednesdays. They provide opportunities for students to practice English and connect with classmates and the community. These activities are included in tuition.

Typical activities are:

  • bike rides
  • hikes
  • games

  • movies
  • general conversation
  • study clubs

Every week on Friday and Saturday there is a 1 or 2 day field trip. These fields trips offer students a chance to explore the magnificent wilderness that surrounds RMEC and discover the Canadian way of life. Most of these activities are also included in tuition. Students can try many different activities.

Some examples of these trips include:

  • hiking
  • camping
  • rafting
  • tours of local places

  • trips to Mt Robson
  • trips to other national parks
  • and so much more!

These field trips give students a chance to practice English outside of the classroom and create some amazing memories of their time at RMEC.


RMEC Program Calendar (example)